Whether you need a potable water system, gas piping, high-efficiency bathrooms or a fire protection system, we’ve got it. Viega fittings are simple to install and easy to maintain. This includes little need for guest displacement or downtime when a repair is needed, since no open flame is required. Continued operations ensure a more positive guest experience.

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Consider Viega ProPress Copper or PureFlow PEX products for potable water delivery. MegaPressG press fittings are perfect for gas lines, while MegaPress for carbon or stainless steel is great for a fire protection system installation. Our quality engineering extends to Viega’s in-wall flushing systems, allowing for greater efficiency and more freedom in bathroom design.

Viega fittings and systems are of the highest quality, and they have a proven track record. We stand behind our products, giving you the confidence to use them in your projects. 

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