Viega knows how important water management is, whether it’s wasting less, protecting users from harmful bacteria or building the most effective and efficient plumbing system for a large building. We have the right solutions and products to help with all of it.

Take a look at Viega SmartLoop

A proprietary internal recirculation system keeps water hotter longer, reducing water waste. This water line fitting is perfect for long or tall structures like hotels, schools or hospitals.

Consider Viega's Automatic Recirculation Regulating Water Valve

This all-in-one solution, installed on a riser or branch of a domestic hot water recirculation system, can be set to a specified temperature. This makes hot water delivery fast and efficient.

More water management options

Other Viega solutions include double drop elbows fittings and Venturi press inserts, plus our design strategies like ring or series installation offer more ways to expertly manage water in a building.

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